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Our Commercial Plumbing Services Include

General Plumbing

Pipe Repair + Installation

Leak Detection + Repair

Drain Cleaning + Repair

Water Heater Repair + Replacement

Riser Replacement

Sewer Main Repair + Replacement

Water Main Repair + Replacement

Backflow Prevention Test + Install

Grease Trap Services

Water Meter Installation

Gas Pipe Installation

All of our commercial plumbing services include inspection and diagnostics. After diagnosing the problem, our technician will discuss the findings and solutions with you. No work is started until you approve the job. Depending on his findings, the technician might need to make a repair, a replacement or an installation. We are equipped to perform video line inspections to locate leaks and clogs. And we use Hydro Jetting to remove stubborn clogs if needed.

When the job is complete, the technician will clean up the work area. He’ll provide any pertinent information related to the service performed and answer any questions you might have. We want you to be thrilled with the service you receive from Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing. Satisfaction is our guarantee.

Our Commercial Service Plumbing Advantage

Plumbing service is basically the same for residential repairs as it is for commercial repairs. Plumbing is plumbing. However, there are a few distinctions between residential and commercial plumbing service.

In a commercial setting, the service technician must be equipped to handle the size and scope of the facility. But the most important skill is the technician’s ability to stay focused and work under pressure.

For example, in a restaurant, the kitchen staff is (impatiently) waiting for the repair to be completed so they can continue their work. If they can’t produce their product because a repair is in process, the company is losing money. A technician who’s not experienced in the commercial environment might not be able to handle that kind of stress.

At Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing, our service technicians are professionally trained to handle the plumbing service work as well as the added tension. They have the experience to complete the job accurately and efficiently so your business can get back to work.

Why Your Business Needs Us

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A Smart Approach to Plumbing Service

Experienced Plumbers

repair your plumbing with precision

Professional Plumbers

exhibit confidence under stress

Customer-Centric Plumbers

focus on customer care and satisfaction

The service technicians at Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing possess the experience, the professionalism and the customer service mindset to provide you with the optimal commercial plumbing service experience.

I have been using Niemeyer for commercial work through my job for years and they have always done a great job, today I needed them for work on my own home and they were just as professional and courteous as they are for my commercial jobs…
~ on White Finders

New Construction and Tenant Improvement

At Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing, we have been serving commercial business owners in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding cities since 1986. We specialize in large scale commercial plumbing installations from planning through completion.

Our comprehensive experience covers the spectrum from modular-type structures constructed within a compressed time frame to applications that require high-purity systems and in-depth process planning.


Commercial Modular Buildings


Tenant Improvements


Office Buildings

Semiconductor Facilities

Golf Courses

Medical + Laboratory


Financial Institutions

Educational Facilities