Clogged Drains

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The Best Way To Handle A Clogged Drain Is Prevention

Most clogs are dirty. And they’re a hassle. But they’re more than that because the pressure that the backed up water causes on your sewer pipes can actually shorten their lifespan. And you really don’t want leaking sewer pipes!

The best way to prevent clogged drains is to be mindful of what goes down your drains. Here are the top three clog culprits and simple ways to avoid them:

Hair, mixed with soap, can definitely create a nasty clog. Install screens over your tub and shower drains so hair doesn’t go down the drain.

Don’t flush anything down the toilet besides toilet paper and the obvious human waste stuff. Even the flushable baby wipes can create a pretty gnarly clog.

Never pour liquid grease down your drain. Once it cools, it will solidify and the build up will eventually keep your drain from doing its job. Instead of pouring it down the drain or garbage disposal, let the grease cool and then throw it away in your regular garbage.

Do You Need Drain Service?

If your drain is slow to empty, your toilet isn’t flushing fully or your garbage disposal isn’t draining properly, you may need to have your drains professionally cleaned.

Call us at 623-582-5775. We can inspect and clean your drains. And if there’s a serious clog, don’t worry, we have all the state of the art equipment to find it and remove it. It’s always our goal to get your plumbing back to working the way it’s supposed to work so you can get back to doing what you like to do.


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