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Handling Our Wastewater

The history of sewage and sanitation is actually quite interesting although it’s not recommended reading for the squeamish. There’s evidence of fresh water and wastewater systems dating back to 3,000 BC in Orkney Islands as well as in Cretes and Indus Valley, while Ancient Rome was known for the most elaborate sewer systems. 

Even with those early innovations, little progress was made from 300 AD to the mid 18th century where the only method of wastewater removal was to throw it on the street, into a cesspool or into a nearby river or lake, which was the very water they used for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene. Obviously disease was a major concern.

Our current wastewater treatment facilities have brought vast improvements to public health and sanitation, not to mention creating a much more pleasant olfactory experience! Shout out to our forefathers for not giving up on the need for sanitation.

While there is debate over which is better – a sewer system or a septic tank – there are pros and cons to both. And both systems can become backed up due to clogs or leaks/breaks in the lines. 

If you’re on a public sewer system, the wastewater facility is responsible for the pipes beyond your property but you are responsible for any clogged or leaking/broken pipes on your property. If you have a septic tank system, you are responsible for all of it.

How Can You Tell If There’s a Clog, Leak or Break In Your Wastewater Lines?

You could be dealing with issues if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • multiple drains are draining slower than normal or are backing up
  • sewer smell in or around your home
  • indentations or wet spots in your yard 

For sanitary and health concerns, sewer issues should be addressed right away. Ignoring these signs will only make matters worse and potentially result in a much more expensive repair.

How Difficult Is It To Find The Problem?

We can perform a video inspection of your wastewater lines to search for any leaks or breaks within your sewer pipes or septic tank lines.We will also look for clogs, blockages or tree roots that have penetrated the pipes. With this technology, we can pinpoint the area or areas that need cleared or repaired. This takes the guess work out of trying to find where the problem is originating which saves time and money.

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Note: We do not pump septic tanks but we can remove clogs and repair broken septic tank lines.


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“I recently experienced a spike in my water bill, leading me to believe there was a leak somewhere in my house. My insurance company sent out a representative who confirmed that there must be a leak somewhere, possibly a slab leak under my house. He told me that he knew of someone honest, experienced and knowledgeable, and recommended him: Nate Brashear of Niemeyer Brothers.
I called Nate and he came the next day, on time. He was very friendly and professional, though I still feared that I would be told of a major problem which, with my limited means, I’d be strapped to pay to repair. After a thorough search, Nate discovered that there was a small, but water draining leak, from a hose in my backyard. All we needed to do was tighten it up, which he did. I was incredibly relieved. Another plumber might have fabricated and said that there was some other problem and charged me a lot to fix it. There was no charge from Nate for the trip or for anything else. He was extremely fair and reasonable. How is that for an honest plumber!
I will be sure to use Nate in the future if I ever have need of a plumber. I highly recommend him to anyone else who needs a plumber!!”
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