Our legacy

Rick & John Niemeyer - The First Ten Years

Each brother worked his way up the ranks and obtained their Journeyman Plumber and Gas Fitter Licenses.  And even though they enjoyed the plumbing industry, they knew they wanted more.  Ownership! 

Their dream became a reality in 1986 when Rick, John and their father each pitched in $1,000 for seed money to build their own plumbing company.  Rick obtained his Commercial and Residential Contractor's License and Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing, Inc. was born.

For the first few years, it was just Rick and John working to build their customer base. Gordon, who was hired in 1991, is still with the company as Field Superintendent. And Eric, the company purchaser, has been with Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing since 1992.

As the team grew from a small business to a large, successful enterprise specializing in commercial, industrial, retail and medical industries, Rick and John took over more of the estimating and project management. It takes a lot of experience, communication and coordination to manage each project and make sure it is completed on time and on budget.

Christine Niemeyer joined the team as the company’s Controller in 1992. Her strong background and Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Accounting and Business Marketing were a perfect fit to oversee the company’s finances.

The Present & The Future 


Nancy Niemeyer began working as the company’s Administrator in 2012. Her communication and organizational skills as well as her ability to multi-task are paramount to maintaining the company’s positive work environment and efficiency.

Colleen Villari, the company’s Project Coordinator, serves as liaison between the office and field. She facilitates communication with suppliers, general contractors, the Niemeyer office and field staff. She assists with project management, organization and tracks job progress from beginning through close-out phase.

Throughout the Years

 This truly is a family owned and operated company. The Niemeyers are dedicated professionals in their commitment to the quality and performance of every job they do, large or small. Yet they emphasize having fun. It’s easy to sense that they really do enjoy working together. 

The future continues to look bright for Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing. Their goals include strong, steady growth in both their service and new construction departments. And, of course, customer satisfaction will remain the number one priority and the driving force behind the company’s success.  

As always, honest, grit and the highest quality workmanship will continue to be their guiding principles.

Meet the Team:

Rick Niemeyer, President

John Niemeyer, Vice-President

Christine Niemeyer, Controller

Nancy Niemeyer, Administration

Colleen Villari, Project Coordinator

Eric Samsel, Purchaser

Nate Brashear, Service Manager

Gordon Braegelmann, Field      Superintendent

Where It All Started


It's A Family Business


Meet The Team

Rick Niemeyer, President


John Niemeyer, Vice-President


Christine Niemeyer, Controller


Nancy Niemeyer, Administration


Colleen Villari, Project Coordinator


Eric Samsel, Purchaser


Gordon Braegelmann, Field Superintendent


Nate Brashear, Service Manager


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